CDs with Scottish Bagpipe Music:

This range is constantly changing as new bands and solo players release each new title. We stock as many of these as we can and try to keep our website as up to date as possible. Most new recordings are now only available on CD and we usually have any of our listed CDs in stock, for immediate dispatch.

All CDs cost the same price - £ 26 (INCLUDING POSTAGE!).

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Scottish Sheet Music Books

Once again, there are many titles available in this range. We stock the traditional books such as the Scots Guards and if we think the music is worth learning and playing we stock many of the modern and contemporary titles. It is not possible to list every tune in every book, but if you have any questions about any of the books listed, just email us: Email

  • Scots Guards Vol. 1

    Very traditional and comprehensive book of tunes that pipers have learned from for many decades.

    £ 69.90
  • Scots Guards Vol. 2

    Another very traditional and comprehensive book of tunes that pipers have learned from for many decades.

    £ 69.90
  • Gordon Highlanders

    Traditional music printed in the Regiment's book.

    £ 56.90
  • Ryan Canning - The Full Monty

    Ryan plays with the top Grade One band Field Marshall Montgomery from Belfast, Northern Ireland. He has included some great compositions in this book some of which are not for the faint heated. Ryan himself says Many of the modern tunes written today tend to be technically difficult and rhythmically complex. This inspired me to practice hard as a youngster and I believe it helped me become a better player. I therefore have no hesitation in in including tunes in this book that are considered suitable only for advanced players.

    £ 28.90
  • Michael Grey - Highland Bagpipe Music

    Lots of unusual tunes from the Canadian composer.

    £ 28.90
  • Michael Grey - Music For Pipers

    Some more brilliant compositions from the Canadian.

    £ 28.90
  • Michqael Grey - Old & New Tunes

    More brilliant compositions. Add this to your Michael Grey collection too!

    £ 28.90
  • Dean Hall - A Drumming Quickstart

    This book has been carefully compiled by Dean Hall from Australia. It is fantastically well laid out for the novice drummer to the complex world of pipe band drumming. There are pictures as well as technical data and the whole book is linked to Dean's website so you can go online with the book in front of you and see and hear a lot more. Great value and a great way to get started.

    £ 25.90
  • Robert Mathieson - About Time Too

    Brilliant compositions from the renowned Pipe Major of the Shotts band.

    £ 28.90
  • Robert Mathieson - Taking Notes

    More brilliant compositions from the renowned Pipe Major of the Shotts band.

    £ 28.90
  • Terry Tully - Vol 3

    Great tunes from this fantastic composer from the Republic of Ireland.

    £ 28.90
  • Terry Tully - Vol 4

    A superb collection of traditional and contemporary Irish bagpipe music from the Pipe Major of the current World Champions - St. Laurence O'Toole Pipe band from the Republic of Ireland. Great selection of jigs, hornpipes and reels with the odd march thrown in.

    £ 25.90
  • Ian & Gordon Duncan - A Few Tunes

    Originally released in 1987, this re-print has been much requested and is available largely due to the Gordon Duncan Memorial Trust. A fantastic selection of innovative and inspiring tunes from the likes of David Barnes, R.S. MacDonald, Gordon Duncan, John Barnes and many more.

    £ 25.90
  • Gordon Duncan's Tunes

    Compiled by his brother Ian, this collection of great tunes pays tribute to Gordon's musical talent, not only playing pipes, but writing bagpipe music. Many of the tunes Gordon played on his CDs are now available in this book. A must for all lovers of Gordon Duncan's music.

    £ 28.20
  • Chris Armstrong - Notes Frae Ma Heid

    Chris is now very well respected as a player and also a composer of tunes. This collection is an interesting and varied range of tunes which is documented in a logical, ascending fashion, ranging from slow airs and waltzes at the beginning of the book, to reels, hornpipes, jigs and others at the end of the book. Chris has catered for pipers at all levels by introducing varying degrees of technical difficulty within each of these tune types.

    £ 28.90
  • The Collection by R.S. MacDonald

    A tremendous collection of pipe tunes from this well known and extremely talanted player.

    £ 25.90
  • Don Bradford - The Call to the Gathering

    The Call to the Gathering by Pipe Major Don Bradford. Don is very well respected as a composer of bagpipe music and of course is the current Pipe Major of Grade One winning band, Strathclyde Police. This is a bigger book than most with 94 tunes in it - marches, strathspeys, reels, jigs and hornpipes aplenty. A massive amount of new and innovative pipe band and solo tunes.

    £ 28.90
  • John Recknagel - Dance Piper's Helper

    A must for those of you that want to play for highland dancers.

    £ 16.90
  • John Recknagel - Piper's Helper

    Some good basic exercises for the beginner.

    £ 16.90
  • John Recknagel - Wedding & Funeral Tunes

    The most popular tunes printed for these joyous and sad occasions, when pipers are often asked to play.

    £ 16.90

Useful Tuition Material:

There are many different teaching methods on the market. At Kilberry, we have picked the ones we feel are reliable and prove good value for money. These range from the basic teaching systems to a very informative bagpipe CD-ROM. All of these items will help you to improve your piping skills. Kilberry has also produced a very informative book called 'Basic maintenance of the Scottish Bagpipe'. This is well worth buying as it covers such items as: taking delivery of new pipes, tuning drones, setting a pipe chanter, seasoning the bag, tying in loose stocks and so on.

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