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Kilberry makes TOP quality bagpipes in our own Edinburgh workshop. Skilled bagpipe makers work 6 days a week, producing hand-turned pipes as generations have done before them. All the raw materials such as wood, imitation ivory (plastic), nickel ferrules, bags etc. are delivered to the workshop and we produce a varied and interesting range of highland bagpipes.

Our range runs from the basic 'a' style, with fully combed (patterned) wood, wooden mounts and plain nickel ferrules, to the top of the range hand engraved full sterling silver design. All highland pipes are supplied with Kilberry's own make of top quality, traditional hand made cane drone reeds, polypenco pipe chanter, synthetic 'Bannatyne' maintenance free bag and your choice of bag cover and cords all contributing to the overall high quality sound and appearance of all Kilberry bagpipes.

Listen to a sound sample: Reel(198kb)

Our Outstanding Bagpipes Offers:

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