Clans and Tartans of Scotland

A Fascinating Look at the History of the Clans and Their Colors

Tartan of Clan BuchananThe clans of Scotland have their roots in the Celtic past and the tightly knit communities of the Highlands, where the rule of law was sometimes replaced by the law of the wild. The clan was a way to ensure group survival, an extended family that could protect the individual, provide assistance at times of need, or join together to make war on enemies. The clans are characterized by loyalty, the ties of blood and pride. <

Clan memorial at Culloden BattlefieldClans and Tartans looks at the history of the clan system, how it stood up to the rigors of Scottish history, and its importance today. It is full of stirring stories, of bravery and treachery, of ambition and prowess, and of wretched social conditions and the cruelty of both the climate and the British redcoats. Inextricably linked with the story of the clans is the story of their colors, of the tartan and the kilt, both the regimental and the homespun, the most evocative symbol of the clan and, indeed, of Scotland.

Each of the 113 main clans is covered; their derivation and ancestry, the history of the clan, and the main figures and locations associated with them. Each clan's tartans are discussed and the main one illustrated. There are also beautiful color photographs of important places in clan history, castles and brochs, battle sites, and Highland scenery.

Author: James MacKay
Copyright: 2000
ISBN: 0517162407
Printed Pages: 128
Includes dust jacket.
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