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This page is for everyone who wants to learn to play the bagpipe. We are offering complete learning kits for astonishingly low prices! Scroll down and have a close look!

All Kilberry practice chanter kits are designed and produced to help the learner achieve a basic standard in bagpipe playing. The instructional CD and book is very clear and precise and takes you through all the different exercises until you can play some basic tunes.

The actual practice chanter included with each kit varies in terms of size and materials. Many people learn with the normal length blackwood chanter, others prefer the long version of this. Some people like the versatility of plastic and the long plastic chanter kit is also very popular. The choice is yours. All kits are kept in stock and are usually despatched within 24 hours of receiving your order. This lets you start learning to play pipes as soon as possible!

Our Outstanding Learning Offers:

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Special Offer: Practice Chanter Kit
Learner´s Highland Bagpipes Package
Normal Plastic Practice Chanter
Long Practice Chanter
Tuition Materials
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Learning Kits:

Special Offer: Practice Chanter Kit (normal or long length)

Our package comes complete with your choice of practice chanter, as well as reed plus Kilberry's own learning book and cd. This is simply laid out, making it extremely easy to follow and any one of these kits is the ideal way to get started. Chanter kits can be supplied in plastic and in a choice of regular or long lengths.

YOU DO NOT NEED THE EXPENSE OF PURCHASING A FULL SET OF PIPES IMMEDIATELY.Our package comes complete with your choice of practice chanter, as well as a reed, Logan/MacLellan Tutor Book, and corresponding cassette, and is the ideal way to get started.

Our normal length chanter kits are available in plastic. Extra reeds can be purchased separately.

Buying pipes will be at least a few months down the line, but you will continue to play your chanter all your piping days for practicing familiar tunes and learning new ones.

  • Plastic, Normal or long
Price (incl. VAT and postage):
  • Plastic, normal length
  • £110
  • Plastic, long model
  • £ 130

Learner´s Highland Bagpipes Package:

If you are serious about taking up the bagpipes, then here is the perfect offer... our Highland Pipes Package comes with everything you'll need to start, and continue, to play.

This package includes a full set of hand turned Kilberry highland bagpipes in competition standard African blackwood, finished with wooden mounts and nickel ferrules. The wood is fully combed (patterned) and imitation ivory drone caps adorn the drone tops. The finish is fully combed and includes wooden mounts and stainless steel ferrules.

The bag included on this set is a top quality synthetic bag, completely airtight and requiring no maintenance. The pipe chanter is Kilberry's own make, and made from black polypenco, resulting in a strong, sweet and well balanced sound. The pipes are fully reeded and come with your choice of bag cover and cords.

Also supplied is a standard length top quality African blackwood practice chanter kit, for practicing the basics and learning new tunes and the kit includes a copy of 'The Great Highland Bagpipe Tutor' and corresponding CD. It is the ideal way to get started.

We also include an Executive carry case - complete with locks and available in either a black finish or an alloy finish.

Plus we throw in the free ball of yellow hemp for maintenance, and a copy of our own Kilberry maintenance book.

Choose from the following options:
  • Velvet or Tartan
  • Bagpipe: Bottle Green, Navy, Black, Royal Blue
    Fringe: Bottle Green, Navy, Black, Royal Blue, Red, White
    Cord: Bottle Green, Navy, Black, Royal Blue, Red, White

If you pay through paypal please send us an extra email telling us what material and colour option you want!

Price (incl. VAT and postage):
  • Learner´s Highland Bagpipe Package
  • £ 850
Our Practice Instruments:

Normal Plastic Practice Chanter:

The plastic chanter produces an excellent sound. A smaller child's version of this chanter is also available.

  • Plastic
  • normal
  • Full Size or Child.

If you pay through paypal please send us an extra email telling us what material and colour option you want!

Price (incl. VAT and postage):
  • Normal Plastic Practice Chanter
  • £ 70

Long Practice Chanter:

These chanters have become more popular over the past few years with the finger holes now being counter-sunk and the same spacing apart as the actual pipe chanter. This can prove an advantage when learning.

The long chanter is available in plastic.

  • Plastic
  • normal
  • Full Size or Child.

If you pay through paypal please send us an extra email telling us what material and colour option you want!

Price (incl. VAT and postage):
  • Long Practice Chanter (Plastic)
  • £ 122

Practice Pipes:

Practice pipes slot into the area between learning to play on the practice chanter and playing a full set of Highland pipes. They are made in Edinburgh with two brass drones which produce an excellent steady sound. The chanter of the pipes is made from top quality plastic and, overall, these pipes have an amazing sound - not dissimilar to small pipes.

These practice pipes are ideal for indoor use and can be of great advantage to the student who is making progress on the practice chanter but wants an intermediate step before proceeding to the full pipes. They come complete with bag and velvet bag cover. They are also really good fun for experienced players as they take very little air, are easy to tune, and produce a remarkably good tone. The fingering technique is the same as the Highland,Scottish Small and Chamber pipes, and they are therefore ideal for practising tunes.

The practice pipes come in at a fraction of the cost of a full set of bagpipes and it should be remembered that they are not the equivalent of Highland or small pipes. In saying this, we can retail these at a remarkably low cost. You will receive them within 14-21 days of ordering.

  • Plastic - sorry, blackwood practice bagpipes are no longer available!
  • Brass drones, velvet bag cover
  • Practice Pipes
  • £ 190
Tuition Materials:

There are many different teaching methods on the market. At Kilberry, we have picked the ones we feel are reliable and prove good value for money. These range from the basic teaching systems to a very informative bagpipe CD-ROM. All of these items will help you to improve your piping skills.

Kilberry has also produced a very informative book called 'Basic maintenance of the Scottish Bagpipe'. This is well worth buying as it covers such items as:

  • taking delivery of new pipes
  • tuning drones
  • setting a pipe chanter
  • seasoning the bag
  • tying in loose stocks and so on.
  • To choose among our very useful tuition materials offers click here: Tuition Materials

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