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"Jack o´Lanterns above Scotland"

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It´s a mysterious and thrilling time journey beginning in the dark Middle Ages and ending in a far and black and frightening future.

Breathless excitement and heavy emotions are GUARANTEED!

Give free play to your chilling flesh creeping when Jack o´Lanterns are glowing and dancing far outside in the lonely and nightly moor and the moaning ringing of a little funeral bell is drowning the wailing cry of a little screech-owl.

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Will Brude, the High King of Scotia succeed in getting back his legal throne in Dumbarton Castle occupied by his son Dubh Mor after his mysterious disappearance years ago?


After Jean, the wife of the hideous lord of Fyvie, was walled in alive in the gloomy cellar vaults of the old castle mysterious occurrences start that soon soften the stony heart of Sir John ...


There is nothing that the honest farmer Ian McLeod loves more than his daughter Tara but one day a terrible fever attacks his little girl - thus dangerous that the doctor tells him that she certainly would die during the next night. Soon after the doctor has left the house a strange old woman enters claiming that Tara wouldn´t die if McLeod could find an extremely rare plant that would grow without any soil on solid rock near the "Old Man of Storr". Although befallen by dull presentiments McLeod goes in search of that mysterious plant ...


Will the poor Sir John succeed in soothing the cheated death?


One night in winter the widow Barbara McKinnon comes to the vicarage of Mortlach because her young daughter was about to die and wants to get the extreme unction. The old vicar agrees to accompany her to her farm house. Detained in agony of mind Mrs. McKinnon pays no attention to the fact that the reverend leaves no trace behind in the deep snow ...


McDonald has crossed the eerie and lonely Rannoch Moor and is happy to have found an open inn in a little village at the edge of the deadly bog. Now he only wants to get drunk, and firstly he isn´t unhappy about the sinster and dry-boned but very generous stranger who is seeking his company.
Eventually the stranger makes McDonald an irresistible offer - he would lead him to a big treasure that he could recover if he accompanies him to a little abandoned graveyard in the dreadful heart of the Rannoch Moor.
What do you think, dear reader? Can McDonald resist this offer? And if not - what is waiting for him there?


The deadly ill lord of Udny Castle persuades his young wife to release him from his suffering but before he is ready to die he demands a grave vow from her ...


Two strange grave digger are digging an icy grave for a victim of a hideous murderer in the lonely and eerie village graveyard of Dalwhinnie. But suddenly it seems that they are not alone there ...


Can you imagine what can happen if a young hen falls in love with an uncommon wooer?


On a strange morning the postman Brian Letterpenny is visited by several ladies in black dresses presenting him a very unusal letter without the name of the sender ...


When the upright sheet-metal worker Rudy McGillycuddy awakes on a grey Inverness Tuesday morning he feels a burning desire inside that appears to be very unusual and extraordinary ...


The clear-headed business man Christopher has to cross a lonely region in the hearts of the Scottish Highlands. When he stops to give a strange female hitch-hiker a lift a deadly horror-trip starts ...


The little but extremely imaginative Helen from Tobermory permanently cogitates upon what her father has told her about water nymphs. This finally leads to dramatic consequences ...

THE CONVERSION (a narration)

Vanessa Shepherd is a prostitute but one who only offers her services to the upperclass of Edinburgh. This had made her a very rich woman till she has fallen in love with the wrong man. This man, her fancy man, has deprived her of all her money and so Vanessa has remembered in all her despair what people said about her deceased grand father Thomas Shepherd. He, a very honest but unbelieving forester, was said to have found a fantastic treasure in the dense and dark woods around Loch Awe shortly before he died. Vanessa being unbelieving too nevertheless decides to visit a famous spiritualist to get in touch with her grand father. Clutching at any straw she hopes that this fantastic treasure could perhaps guard her against the unavoidable ruin. But in front of the door of that spiritualist she has a severe stroke. An unrulily dancing eddy of colourful sparks imbibes her consciousness into a bizarre dreamland but eventually she recognizes that she has returned to the place of her childhood on the woody shores of Loch Awe. And actually there resounds a calm but steadfast voice amidst this deep peace offering her to lead her to her grandfather´s treasure ...


After the nuclear destruction of the world Sir Peter gets a strange invitation from Sir Kevin McLeod, Chief of the McLeod Clan to visit him in his ancestral seat Dunvegan in the Isle of Skye. Leaving the ferry Sir Peter is very disconcerted because it seems that the green island has survived the worldwide catastrophe without any damage. Sir Kevin tells him a very queer story which goes back to the Crusades ...

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