"Irish Girl" (Dublin, Ireland) wrote:

These stories made my heart pounding!
Really! Nobody who reads these heart-rending stories can stay unaffected!
It´s such a great scenario! I must confess that I already read tons of books but no one like this!
Thank you so much!

Eva (Boston, USA) wrote:

Thank you very much for this great time journey!
These moving stories are like thrilling poems. My favorite one is "The Banner of Life".
I hope that I soon can read some more!

Isabella (London, GB) wrote:

I´m really crazy about these stories!
They are really very exciting! Let me tell you that I printed them out and read some of them in the underground and so it happens that I forgot to get off the train in time!
Nevertheless thank you very much!

Margaret (Wick, Scotland) wrote:

These are highly recommendable and extremely fascinating eBooks!
Keep on writing!!!

Ingrid (Stockholm, Sweden) wrote:

Dear Peter!
I´m really no bookworm because I haven´t much time to read but I was really charmed and delighted by these great stories!
Please keep on writing! I´m very expectant to read some more of them!

Bruno (New Orleans, USA) wrote:

An internet friend spoke in very high terms of your stories and I must confess that I was sceptical. Now I know that he hasn´t exaggerated! They are really very, very extraordinary. I was especially fascinated by "The Grave" and "The Passenger".
The description of the dark and lonely grave yard in the midst of the dreadful Rannoch Moor made my flesh creep!

A "Scotland and Jack-o´Lanterns Fan" (Sydney, Austrialia) wrote:

Hey, I read all of your great stories but now I need help urgently! I´m suffering from burning priviation symptoms. Would you please cure me? It´s easy! Give me more of your stories!!!

John (Kalkutta, India) wrote:

Excellent! These realistic but at the same time so fabulous descriptions! Helplessly I was pulled into all these strange and fascinating happenings ... Heaven! I couldn´t stop reading!
Great! Really great!!!

Bonny (New York, USA) wrote:

That´s one of the most thrilling and moving stories I ever read!
I´m a great fan of Edgar Allen Poe and therefore these stories are a must-read literature for me!

Christine (Durban, South Africa) wrote:

These stories are really great! Thank you so much for this first-rate literature! A real MUST-READ for everyone who loves this wonderful country and mystical occurrences! But why do you sell them for such a ridiculous low price?

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