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Vanessa Shepherd is a prostitute but one who only offers her services to the upperclass of Edinburgh. This had made her a very rich woman till she has fallen in love with the wrong man. This man, her fancy man, has deprived her of all her money and so Vanessa has remembered in all her despair what people said about her deceased grand father Thomas Shepherd. He, a very honest but unbelieving forester, was said to have found a fantastic treasure in the dense and dark woods around Loch Awe shortly before he died.
Vanessa being unbelieving too nevertheless decides to visit a famous spiritualist to get in touch with her grand father. Clutching at any straw she hopes that this fantastic treasure could perhaps guard her against the unavoidable ruin.
But in front of the door of that spiritualist she has a severe stroke. An unrulily dancing eddy of colourful sparks imbibes her consciousness into a bizarre dreamland but eventually she recognizes that she has returned to the place of her childhood on the woody shores of Loch Awe. And actually there resounds a calm but steadfast voice amidst this deep peace offering her to lead her to her grandfather´s treasure ...

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