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I´m Neil Manderson, founder of Kilberry Bagpipes. I give you my personal guarantee that every kind of bagpipes (or accessory), drums and sporrans we supply should give 100% satisfaction. If you have the slightest concern, just let me know and I won't rest until you're happy. We take enormous pride in our hand made bagpipes and drums, and all our work, and we´d love to add you to our team!

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Bagpipes, drums and sporrans at unbeatable prices!

Kilberry supplies our own competition-standard bagpipes, drums and sporrans at massive discounts. Our production quality, our service and our experience is unreached ... in fact, in 1996 we were the first company in the world to sell bagpipes online with secure ecommerce using PAYPAL!

How can we sell bagpipes, drums and sporrans at these extremely low prices?

Most bagpipes shops sell other makers' products and add a big profit margin. These sites complain if they are undercut by the actual maker, so most manufacturers who 'retail' do so at full prices making huge profits. But at Kilberry our craftsmen make all our own bagpipes to uncompromising quality standards. Then we sell DIRECTLY to you at 'trade' prices! Only Kilberry promises you top quality instruments at rock bottom prices.

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Check out our Kilberry Bagpipes Information Centre to answer many of the questions you may have: about us, about bagpipes, and what clients are saying about us!

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By the way : We send our bagpipes worldwide!

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Yours sincerely

Neil Manderson
Kilberry Bagpipes
Edinburgh, Scotland

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